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Republican Wire is committed to traditional American family values. As a hard working American, we understand how difficult it is to face challenges such as big government, overspending in the government, and reckless laws. Instead, Republican Wire supports freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to life.

We believe in the value every community member brings to their houses of worship and their families, and that every American is exceptional.

Republican Wire’s Mission

Republican Wire centers the American Dream. While the American Dream is harder to achieve, our goal is to bring news about traditional American values to the forefront so we can make the American Dream more achievable for average, hard working Americans in faith-based communities.

We believe in the power of the American worker and the values and rights that support traditional communities. By providing news and updates about right to life issues, First and Second Amendment rights, government overspending, and expanding government, we hope to encourage action and keep conservative communities informed.

About Our Incredible Team

Our team hails from all over the United States, with editors and journalists from all walks of life. Our staff includes writers and editors raised on farms, people from coal miner and oil field families, and those from military and law enforcement families.

While our staff is from a diverse set of areas and backgrounds, we’re unified in a belief that the American Dream deserves better — with the help of small town, conservative values.

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Stay informed about the latest social, political, and legal news affecting traditional American family values. Republican Wire editors appreciate your feedback, ideas, tips, and suggestions. To get involved and start the conversation, you can reply to any newsletter or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you about the issues that matter to you and your community.


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