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Republican Wire brings DC news to small towns and conservative communities across America. Our focus involves making America what it used to be by promoting individual liberty and personal responsibility. To accomplish this, we focus on social and political news surrounding the rights of Americans, with a particular emphasis on First and Second Amendment news, which can affect our rights concerning free speech and gun ownership.

Republican Wire supports responsible government, which means sensible government spending and keeping government small. We bring you news about tax bills, as more spending means more taxes and it’s time for you to keep more of your own money. Above all, Republican Wire wants to help protect your way of life by making sure you’re aware of the news of the day. Centered around issues of family values, you can trust Republican Wire to always cover news about the military, law enforcement, and other emergency responders with respect and care.

Republican Wire Mission

Republican Wire believes every American has the right to pursue their American Dream. This includes the unborn, faith-centered individuals, and those who take responsibility for themselves and work hard. To support this, Republican Wire gives you the information you need to vote to keep jobs in America and ensure manufacturing comes back to America for good. We know that America is full of exceptional talent and hard workers like you. It’s time to get back to the successful America the world has seen before.

What We Do Here

Republican Wire features issues at the heart of conservative American values. We’re a trusted news source for hardworking families and communities, and we want to help you preserve your way of life: your faith, your rights, your finances, and your pursuit of the American Dream. Through various social, cultural, and legal reforms, we see how the American Dream struggles to stay present in a country filled with big government and overspending.

At Republican Wire, we focus on bringing that dream back to the family dinner table, into community churches, and into our larger communities. Republican Wire keeps you aware of legislation concerning right to life matters, religious freedom, First and Second Amendment rights, and legislation that can help keep jobs in America.

General Daily Broadcasts

Republican Wire’s Daily Broadcasts help you reach a broad understanding of news. Learn the latest about the news of the day, including America’s actions around the world. Delivered with the understanding that it’s our duty to respect and protect law enforcement officers and those serving in the military, Daily Broadcasts offer news about crime, the economy, and America’s global presence.

Focused Political Points

Republican Wire’s Political Points outline news directly from Capitol Hill. Political Points focuses on subjects that affect your community, faith, and family, such as right to life news, freedom of religion, and First and Second Amendment rights. You need the facts to protect your community, and our mission is to help hard working Americans stay informed about these pressing issues.

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