Video Shows Fireball Erupting On Delta Plane, Prompting Emergency Evacuation At SEA Airport

New surveillance footage captures the dramatic moment a Delta plane caught fire shortly after landing at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on April 6. The video obtained by KOMO News shows a fireball exploding and black smoke rising from the nose of the Airbus A321 aircraft below the cockpit.

Delta Flight 604 from Cancun, Mexico, had arrived safely at around 9:35 p.m. but problems arose after the plane was plugged into the terminal’s electrical network. SEA spokesperson Perry Cooper said the plug-in shorted out sending sparks flying and igniting a fire directly beneath the cockpit.

Smelling smoke, the pilots instructed the crew to deploy the emergency exit slides. Passenger Ashwin Menon, a Seattle software engineer returning from vacation with his wife, described a bit of jostling and panic in the aisles but overall a smooth evacuation process.

The footage shows passengers walking out onto the plane’s wing before sliding down the inflatable chutes to safety on the tarmac. About two-thirds of the 189 passengers exited via the slides while the rest had already gone through the passenger loading bridge.

Seattle fire officials responded, but the fire had already self-extinguished. A few passengers were evaluated for possible slide-related injuries, but none required hospital care.

The malfunctioning electrical cord has since been repaired and is operating normally. Delta said the aircraft has been removed from service for inspection and maintenance.