Turley: Biden’s ‘Worst Possible Scenario’ Is Knowing Hunter Intentionally Skipped Deposition

Amid reports that President Joe Biden knew his son, Hunter Biden, would bypass the House GOP’s congressional subpoena, Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley recently said that the worst possible scenario” for the president would be if he did know of his son’s intentions.

During a recent interview with Fox News guest host Kayleigh McEnany, Turley discussed Hunter’s decision to skip a deposition on Dec. 13, 2023, for the GOP-led House Oversight Committee. Instead of addressing the committee, the first son chose to speak to reporters outside of the Capitol.

On Fox News’ “Hannity,” McEnany asked Turley why he felt it would be a “mistake” for the president to have known of his son’s plan to skip the hearing.

Turley responded that there are “four articles of impeachment” the House Oversight Committee could pursue against the Biden family.

“Well, there are about four articles of impeachment that are the most likely to be pursued by the committee — one of them is obstruction, another is the abuse of power. Having the president involved in advance in any way to the contempt of Congress is the worst possible scenario for the Biden team,” Turley said. “I can’t imagine how that could have occurred.”

“It’s not that you’re telling a father not to speak to his son, but you give very clear instructions that it’s in neither of your interest for you to discuss his testimony before Congress. It certainly wouldn’t be in your interest to talk about the potential commission of a federal crime,” he added.

Turley continued by saying that contempt of Congress isn’t just a “federal crime” but has been “aggressively pursued” in past cases, including one involving former chief strategist under the Trump administration, Steve Bannon.

Hunter outright chose to skip his scheduled deposition, instead addressing reporters on the steps of Capitol Hill, where he referred to himself as being the target of an “unrelenting Trump attack machine.”

As a result, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) released a statement detailing their plans to commence contempt of Congress proceedings against Hunter.