Tuberville Refers Ex-CIA Director To Capitol Police Over Social Media Post

On Tuesday, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) referred ex-CIA director Michael Hayden to Capitol Police. The referral was about a post on the social media platform X, allegedly calling for Tuberville’s death.

Ex-CIA director Michael Hayden posted on the social media platform X. The post made by Hayden was a response to another poster’s comment asking if Tuberville should be removed from his committee. Hayden’s response was, “How about the human race?”

Tuberville took Hayden’s response to be a death threat and specifically used the word “assassination” to describe the post. Several comments on Hayden’s post also considered the post a call for Tuberville’s assassination.

Following the referral of Hayden to the Capitol Police, Tuberville stated the post.

“This morning, my office was made aware of a statement made by General Michael Hayden calling for a politically motivated assassination,” he said. “This statement is disgusting, and it is repugnant to everything we believe in as Americans. Given General Hayden’s long career in Washington, he must have known that, by making such a statement, he was committing a serious crime.”

Tuberville is calling for Hayden’s prosecution. Hayden made a statement on X in response to Tuberville’s accusations and referral of the post to Capitol Police.

Hayden started by calling Tuberville and those who agree with him “MAGAnuts.” Hayden then went on to say that he stood by his original post, even knowing the post is considered by many to be a direct attack on Tuberville’s life.

The statements by Hayden are reckless and can lead many to believe the statement was, in fact, a death threat. His response also shows his lack of concern over the posts and the resulting events.

The original post and resulting posts by Hayden are in response to Tuberville’s actions regarding military promotions. Tuberville is blocking promotions for certain military members.

This blockage is due to Tuberville’s disapproval of the Department of Defense’s policy for funding air travel for service members seeking an abortion. Tuberville has stated he will continue to block the promotions until the Department of Defense stops supporting travel for these reasons.