Trump’s Georgia Election Case Detours Into DA’s Affair Allegations

Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee, the judge overseeing the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump, announced Friday that he will hold a hearing in early February to review allegations of an inappropriate affair between County DA Fani Willis and a special prosecutor on her team.

“So obviously my plan with this was to allow the state an opportunity to respond before setting a hearing date,” Judge McAfee told attorneys Friday. “Early February would be the soonest that would happen.” A spokesperson for the DA’s office said they would respond to the allegations via “appropriate court filings.”

The judge let the courtroom know about the tentative schedule for the hearing after an attorney for Trump brought up the allegations against Ms. Willis during a hearing Friday for several defendants in the case along with Mr. Trump to bring motions to the bench.

Defendant Michael Roman, who formerly worked from the Trump campaign, filed a motion on Monday asking the court to dismiss the charges against him based on allegations that Willis “engaged in a personal, romantic relationship” with prosecutor Nathan Wade. The two profited financially from their relationship, Roman alleges.

“I don’t have a factual background that I can state to the court that supports that at this point,” said Trump attorney Steve Sadow. “I’m leery of moving to adopt motions that make such allegations without having a better understanding or substantiation of the allegations.”

Meanwhile, the counterparty in Wade’s divorce proceedings has subpoenaed Willis for that separate civil case pertaining to Wade’s marriage — according to court filings recently obtained by ABC News.

The filing for the subpoena alleges that Willis and Wade began an inappropriate relationship “while Wade was married” and that he filed for divorce the next day “after his first contract with Willis commenced.”

CNN legal analyst and former U.S. attorney Michael Moore said Willis should consider taking herself off the case because of its high-profile nature. “I’d tell her to get out of the case. I really think in this type of case with these allegations, this case is bigger than any one prosecutor,” Moore told CNN.