Trump Suggests RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel May Be Ousted

Former President Donald Trump suggested on Sunday that Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel may need to dust off her resume. Interviewed by Fox News Channel’s Maria Bartiromo, the 2024 Republican frontrunner noted McDaniel had some initial success.

He explained, “You have to understand, I have nothing to do with the RNC; I’m separate.” Trump continued, “I think she did great when she ran Michigan for me, I think she did OK initially with the RNC.”

But then Trump ominously added, “I would say right now there will probably be some changes made.”

Trump’s Sunday comments came at a time when party leadership is urging the rank-and-file to come together for the frontrunner. The 45th president only has one challenger standing — former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Part of McDaniel’s job is to ensure the RNC outpaces its Democratic rivals in fundraising, and that simply is not the case.

Last year, Republicans took in $87.2 million and closed 2023 with $8 million cash. Compare that to the Democratic National Committee, which raked in $119 million and finished with $21 million.

Then there are questions about spending and distribution of precious funding. The RNC sat out the critical Virginia contest in 2023, meaning its candidates had to scramble to remain viable.

Then there’s the plight of the Republican Hispanic Outreach Centers. By the end of 2022, there were almost two dozen of these vital missions in operation, but that number plummeted to only five.

This means the RNC shuttered 75% of its facilities to a critical demographic perched in several key battleground states.

Then there are extravagant expenditures on luxury items that drew criticism from across the Republican Party. According to Federal Election Commission Filings reported by RedState, some of these expenses for the 2021-22 election cycle were eye-opening.

The RNC shelled out $3.1 million for private jets and another $1.3 million on limousines and chauffeurs. A whopping $17.1 million went for mementos for party donors and floral arrangements cost contributors $750,000.

Approximately $80,000 was spent on alcohol-related items.

The outlet reported that the expenditures were generally aligned with previous levels and may have even been lower than in earlier stages of McDaniel’s leadership.