Trump Slams Biden’s ‘Weakness’ On Israel

In a video posted to Truth Social, former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden’s “ineptitude, weakness and incompetence” — arguing that Biden’s failures were directly responsible for the horrific terrorist attack in Israel on October 7.

Biden has faced heavy criticism for failing to quickly act to save stranded Americans in Israel or initiate rescue operations to save the American hostages taken by the Palestinian terror group Hamas. Conservatives like Trump have also asserted that Biden’s weakness on the international stage and his appeasement of Iran led to the terrorist attack.

Biden has also made it profitable for hostile foreign nations to take American hostages — including making a deal to trade an American basketball player arrested in Russia for an arms dealer known as the “Merchant of Death,” as well as trading five Iranian prisoners and $6 billion in unfrozen assets for five American hostages in Iran.

In the Truth Social video posted on Friday night, Trump declared that “Joe Biden’s total ineptitude, weakness and incompetence has led to this horrible attack on Israel — and it will only get worse. It’s only going to get worse.”

He then condemned the president for his obvious cognitive decline — arguing that Biden “cannot put two sentences together” and “has no idea what’s happening.”

Trump went on to compare his own presidency — where he made successful peace deals in the Middle East and made efforts to bring diplomacy to the region — to Biden’s presidency, which has seen war break out in the Middle East and Ukraine.

“Just four years ago, we had the signing of the Abraham Accords. And today we have an attack on Israel,” Trump explained.

“What a difference a president makes,” he concluded.

In another video posted to Truth Social earlier on Friday, Trump argued that he is the only president who can keep Israel safe — noting that he had already done so during his first term.

“I kept Israel safe. Remember that: I kept Israel safe,” he said. “Nobody else will; nobody else can. And I know all of the players.”

“They can’t do it. But I kept Israel safe and I will keep Israel safe,” he vowed.