Trump Promises to Secure Bagram Airfield Biden Abandoned

On the campaign trail in Iowa, Donald Trump promised he’ll pursue a deal with the Taliban to get Bagram Airfield back in U.S. hands.

The U.S. military abandoned the strategically important airfield under President Joe Biden’s watch in 2021. Many experts — including in Joe Biden’s own party — criticized his withdrawal from Afghanistan as a disaster.

In Trump’s view, losing the important airbase was a major loss for the United States in its geopolitical dance with China.

At the time, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said, “No one in their right mind would have closed Bagram Air Base while leaving behind thousands of civilians. But that’s what Joe Biden did.”

Speaking to voters at a stop in Fort Dodge, Iowa, the Republican frontrunner said securing the base will allow the U.S. to keep a closer eye on China.

Trump told voters giving up the base was a critical mistake: “I wanted it because that’s one hour away from where China makes its nuclear missiles. And we gave it up. Why did we give it up?”

Mincing no words, the 45th president promised the crowd, “But we’ll get it back. We’ll get it back, maybe we’ll get it back as part of a trade deal.”

Trump also asked voters to help him get reelected so that he could make his promise a reality: “Will you please give me a good showing? That’s the least you can do.”

But the Republican presidential candidate’s promise is more than an election year stump speech. Trump was saying the same thing back in 2021 as the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan.

On The Truth podcast with Lisa Boothe in Aug. 2021, the president said, “We should have sent the people out very safely, and we would have had Bagram open.”