Trump Campaign Addresses DeSantis ‘Bootgate’ Controversy

On Tuesday, the Trump campaign issued a response to the viral discussion known as “bootgate,” which revolves around speculation regarding whether the 2024 GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis uses shoe inserts to enhance his height.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said, “A scathing new article from POLITICO about Ron DeSanctimnonious’ high-heeled shoes comes on the heels of an embarrassing interview on the Patrick Bet-David show that led to #bootgate trending on X.”

He continued, “When asked directly about why his boots look like stilts, DeSanctus offered up the implausible explanation that he just wears off-the-rack Lucchese boots, doing major brand damage to a great American footwear company. If there are any enterprising journalists willing to contact the Lucchese press team for their thoughts on DeSanctus, they are reachable here.”

The statement highlighted what it referred to as a “laughable claim” by DeSantis regarding his height, stating that rather than being candid and self-assured, he chooses “lying” to the American public.

Cheung said, “Instead of telling the truth and just being comfortable in his own skin, he resorts to borderline psychotic behavior by lying to the American people. Is that what this country wants in a president?”

Patrick Bet-David confronted DeSantis regarding the widely circulated boots that gained attention following the Florida leader’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. After playing the viral TikTok video, he remarked, “What they’re trying to say with this is that in your boots, you have heels.”

DeSantis replied, “No, no, no, those are just standard off-the-rack Lucchese.”

Bet-David then asked DeSantis how tall he is, to which DeSantis responded that he is 5’11.”

Bet-David inquired about DeSantis’ choice of footwear, questioning why he doesn’t opt for regular shoes. In response, DeSantis mentioned that he does wear tennis shoes when working out.

Later, DeSantis was offered a gift in the form of Ferragamo shoes, but he politely declined, stating, “I don’t accept gifts; I can’t accept it. I’m sorry.”

Ashley St. Clair made a humorous reference to the viral clip, playfully wearing stiletto heels and likening them to what DeSantis might wear when he’s “getting ready to go out.”

Following a negative response from the campaign, St. Clair released an apology video, acknowledging that the campaign had clarified the governor’s footwear, indicating that he wore cowboy boots instead.

In a revised video, St. Clair then demonstrated by donning a pair of stack-heeled cowboy boots.

Following the episode’s broadcast, Politico initiated an investigation in which they consulted with three expert shoemakers. They all agreed it was probable DeSantis was using shoe lifts within his boots, based on the shorter-than-usual heel and the broader top of the footwear.