Support For Ukraine Aid Drops Dramatically In New Poll

Even before the Hamas terror attack on Israel last month, a growing number of Americans were expressing concern about the level of military and financial support the United States continued to provide Ukraine in that country’s ongoing war with Russia.

In light of the Middle East conflict and mounting calls to provide Israel with resources it might need to defend itself, the percentage of Americans opposed to continued Ukraine support continues to rise.

According to a recent Gallup poll, more than two-fifths of respondents said the U.S. government is providing “too much” assistance to Ukraine compared to 29% who said the same thing in June.

One-third of those polled said the level of U.S. support is appropriate, which is down from 43% in the previous survey.

The share of Americans who think America should be providing even more Ukrainian assistance has held steady, falling slightly from 26% to 25% between June and October.

Republicans have long led the push to reduce or halt Ukrainian aid, and GOP respondents were the most likely to say that the U.S. is doing too much. While coming in 18 points lower than Republicans, the 44% of independents who expressed that opinion represented a higher percentage than respondents overall.

The trend was also evident among Democrats. Even though a much smaller 14% of that party’s members said the U.S. is doing too much in the new poll, that number was a paltry 10% in June.

Among the general population, more than three-fifths told pollsters that there “should be a limit on financial support” the U.S. provides to Ukraine. Revealing a widespread rejection of President Joe Biden’s promise to keep propping up the Ukrainian military for “as long as it takes,” just 37% of respondents said that U.S. financial support should continue flowing “as long as Ukraine requests it.”

Perhaps due to the dip in public support for Ukraine assistance, the White House pushed for a $106 billion aid package that combined defense spending for Ukraine and Israel in the wake of last month’s Hamas attack.

The Republican-led House responded earlier this week with a bill that would provide more than $14 billion to Israel but did not include any new assistance for Ukraine.