Spain Ranked As Top Country For Expats

According to a report from InterNations, Spain is the top country for expats to create new, happier lives. This report ranks Malaga as the number one city for expats, while Alicante and Valencia take the second and third spots. All cities are located in Spain.

This new report from InterNations ranks where foreigners have found the most happiness and security when living abroad. The report took into consideration overall happiness in all aspects of one’s life, such as in one’s financial, work, and social lives.

Malaga received the number one spot. A port city in southern Spain, Malaga is considered by many expats to be one of the friendliest cities in the world, according to many responses to this report.

However, all top Spain cities on this list have ranked exceedingly high when it comes to how expats have managed to settle in and make friends. These top three Spanish cities have also ranked high in health care. Spain is often considered one of the healthiest countries in the EU and in the entire world, according to various studies and reports.

The survey also says that Malaga, Alicante, and Valencia did “exceptionally well” in all elements that expats look for to have a happier life abroad.

According to Malte Zeeck, the CEO and co-founder of InterNations, these three Spanish cities stood out for many, “as expats enjoy their warm climate and weather, outstanding leisure options, nightlife and gastronomy as well as exceptionally good health care.”

While Malaga was noted for its friendliness, many expats prefer Alicante because it has a low cost of living, especially when compared to Madrid and Barcelona. Plus, Alicante is also on the coast, which many expats enjoy.

Meanwhile, some expats spoke highly of Valencia because of the many travel opportunities people can find there.

Madrid and Barcelona, two of the biggest cities in Spain, also ranked on the report in the sixth and thirteenth spot, respectively. Some expats chose Madrid as the place to live for those who enjoy culture and a fun nightlife atmosphere.

However, the report did note that some expats felt that Barcelona was too expensive. Barcelona is also reportedly harder to get settled into.