South Dakota Governor Taking Heat Over Shooting Pet

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is facing backlash after revealing in her upcoming memoir that she shot a 14-month-old dog named Cricket years ago. The governor’s decision to put down the wirehair pointer, which she described as “untrainable” and “dangerous,” has drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans alike.

In her book, Noem recounted the incident that led to her decision to shoot Cricket. She wrote that the dog had escaped from her car during a conversation with a local family, killing some of their chickens before attempting to bite the governor herself. Noem described the shooting, which took place in a gravel pit, as “not a pleasant job, but it had to be done.”

The Republican governor also revealed that she had taken a “nasty and mean” goat to the same gravel pit where she put down Cricket. Noem described the uncastrated animal as “disgusting” and noted that it “loved to chase” her children.

Several other governors mocked Noem by posting pictures with their pets in response to the revelation. However, the criticism was not limited to Democrats. Staunch Trump supporter Laura Loomer posted on X, formerly Twitter, “She can’t be VP now. You can’t shoot your dog and then be VP.”

Independent conservative journalist Tim Pool questioned whether Noem had intentionally ended her career with the revelation, while the popular conservative satire website The Babylon Bee posted several headlines referencing the tale, including one that declared, “‘I’m Sorry I Have To Do This,’ Says Kristi Noem After Puppy Playfully Barks At Mailman.”

Noem responded to the criticism on X, explaining that hard decisions are a part of daily life on a farm and noting that her family recently had to put down three horses they’d had for 25 years.