Social Media Users Targeted By FBI

A pair of viral videos in which FBI agents make house visits regarding online posts are raising concerns among social media users. While the FBI did not make any arrests regarding posts, many are concerned about attempts to influence Americans’ use of free speech.

One user recorded a video of people who claimed to be FBI agents approached her home and asked to speak with her regarding a Facebook post which she says criticizes President Joe Biden. The agents avoided showing identification while on video, despite the woman’s repeated requests.

In the video, the agents claimed to have already shown her their identification but refused to show it when the woman stated that she didn’t get a chance to look at it and asked to see it again.

Involvement in social media is nothing new for the FBI, with various instances going back to when the platform X was still called Twitter.

A second X user posts a video taken from a camera on her front porch. A man identifies himself as an FBI agent and claims he’s here to speak to her about a specific post previously made on X.

The post in question is pinned to the top of her feed and reads:

“This monster drugged my 27 yr old cousin at the L’Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge last February. He dumped her half naked dead body like trash. Rap sheet a mile long. He walks today on PROBATION. Damion Matthews may you reap what you have sown.”

While the woman’s cousin was found dead, and footage was found of the man in question hiding the 27-year-old’s body, investigators claim that she died from a drug overdose and that there is no definitive proof that Matthews had drugged the woman. The Casino’s security footage was overwritten, leading the court not to charge him with murder, punishing him only for hiding the body.

Some users suggest that the videos are likely staged for attention while others claim to have had similar experiences with the FBI. If the videos are real, Americans have every right to be concerned. Without the officers’ identification, it’s impossible to be sure.

And even if it really is the FBI, would they admit to it?