Sen. Vance Wants Focus Shifted To China Threat

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) argued on “Fox News Sunday” that the United States should focus on the threat posed by China instead of sending billions of dollars to fund the war in Ukraine. Vance explained that even if European countries increase their production by the end of 2024 and Russia does not significantly ramp up its own, Russia will still have a 3-to-1 advantage over Ukraine.

“The argument that I’m making is quite simple,” Vance said. “It’s not that we don’t admire the courageousness of the Ukrainians, we certainly do. It’s that America is stretched too thin.”

Vance pointed out that the U.S. lacks the industrial capacity to support multiple wars around the world including Ukraine Israel and a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan. He argued that the same elites who chose to send America’s manufacturing base to China and weakened the country’s ability to produce weapons are now saying the U.S. can get involved in three wars at once.

“So why are Americans subsidizing European security?” Vance asked. “We should be focused on our own problems and that’s mostly China.”

When pressed on the argument that U.S. officials believe it is possible to manage multiple wars at once Vance pointed out that the last time U.S. generals admitted the country’s war policy was flawed they had their careers ruined. He questioned whether China would be more dissuaded by the U.S. “thumping our chest and acting tough in Europe” or by having the weapons necessary to prevent them from invading Taiwan.

Vance concluded that the Ukrainians have shown that Putin is weaker than people feared and that if the Europeans are willing to step up and take more responsibility for their own defense they can handle Putin. “Let us focus on China,” he said.