Secret Service Refuses To Move Security Zone For Republican Convention In Milwaukee

Republicans are frustrated with the Secret Service’s refusal to move the perimeter of the “security zone” further from the Finserv Forum, the venue for the upcoming Republican Convention in Milwaukee. The current “free speech zone” is located in Pere Lafayette Park just a quarter of a mile from the convention site.

In comparison, the Democrats have set up their free speech zone about three miles from the United Center in Chicago where their convention will be held. They will also have several additional “security zones” around the venue.

Republican officials met with the Secret Service and urged them to move the free speech zone further away from the Finserv Forum but the agency declined. The park’s proximity to the venue creates a potential gauntlet that convention delegates will have to navigate to reach the convention site.

While most attendees will arrive by bus, Republicans argue that restricting the movement of delegates and guests due to security concerns is unacceptable. The Secret Service maintains that they have no information suggesting there will be unrest related to the convention activities.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has written to the director of the Secret Service, Kimberly Cheatle, demanding an explanation for the agency’s unresponsiveness to the Republicans’ weeks-old request for a meeting to discuss these concerns.