San Francisco Police Kill Driver That Rammed Chinese Consulate

A car was driven into the lobby of the Chinese consulate building in San Francisco on October 9. Police responded to the crash and confronted the driver who was shot and later died at an area hospital. No motive for the apparent attack has been provided, nor have many details about the shooting.

The incident occurred around 3 P.M. when a blue Honda sedan rammed into the Visa Office of the General Consulate of the People’s Republic of China on Laguna Street and Geary Boulevard. Video from the scene shows the doors of the entrance collapsed and a large bloodstain on the concrete just outside the building entrance.

Witnesses described a scene of pandemonium as the car crash happened. Cell phone video filmed in the seconds after the crash shows dozens of people fleeing from the building as security guards with Armada Security attempt to de-escalate the situation.

An unidentified man who was a witness to the scene told reporters that the bloodied male driver, described as having long hair and an Asian look, yelled “Where’s the CCP?” and reached for something in his car before security restrained him. CCP is the abbreviation used for the Chinese Communist Party.

Audrey Sun, who shot the cell phone video of the incident, overheard security tell the man that “he did not want to hurt anyone” before someone said the driver had a gun. Sun credits the security guards with saving lives because the only exit was back through the hole the car had made in the doorway which would have put innocent civilians directly in the line of fire.

The unidentified man who spoke with reporters said he heard security tell the driver “not to take it out” but was unsure of what “it” was. Another witness, Tony Xin, said that he saw the driver wearing a blue polo shirt and grey pants and holding knives when security approached. Before fleeing the building, Xin said he saw the suspect draw a crossbow from the vehicle. Police arrived shortly after and Xin said he heard between three and five shots fired.

Sgt. Kathryn Winters of the San Francisco Police Department said during a media briefing following the incident that officers attempted life-saving measures while awaiting paramedics. So far, no information about the suspect including his name or nationality have been released, nor has any indication of the motivation for the attack been raised beyond what eyewitnesses claim to have heard. Police said the matter is being treated as an “international incident” and won’t release details for at least ten days.

The Biden administration joined the Chinese consulate in condemning the attack. The consulate has asked the San Francisco police to fully investigate the attack and the Biden administration has pledged support as the investigation continues.