Russia Warns US Is ‘Playing With Fire’ As It Continues To Support Ukraine

Russian officials have issued a serious warning to the United States, accusing it of “playing with fire” and being in an “indirect war” with Russia due to its ongoing support for Ukraine.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov pointed to support for the Ukrainian military by the U.S. and its allies as a focal point of concern and that the continued funding of military operations against Russia could lead to the situation spiraling out of control.

In an interview with state-run TASS news agency on Friday, Ryabkov accused U.S. leaders of being controlled by “gopniks” (a term for violent petty criminals) and “fashionistas,” suggesting that they are too unsophisticated to understand the gravity of the situation.

“We warn that they are playing with fire. They have long been in a state of indirect war with the Russian Federation,” Ryabkov stated. He cautioned that if the U.S. continues to satisfy its own geopolitical ideas, it could lead to a phase where it becomes very difficult to control the situation and prevent a dramatic crisis.

Ryabkov called Washington, D.C., blind to the risks it poses to its own nation by its actions, saying, “This is the great risk of the current situation because it is impossible to get through to them.”

The Russian diplomat blames NATO for the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, claiming that the alliance’s eastward expansion toward the Russian frontier in a “manic advance” chasing a “phantom” of security.

Ryabkov warned that Russia would respond to the West “in a mirror manner” and put the topic of “red lines” aside.

The warning seems to be a declaration that Russia will eventually stop targeting a Ukrainian proxy and begin operations against those supporting and funding Ukraine, meaning NATO nations and the U.S. The threat should give pause to any rational actor.