Russia Downs Ukrainian Drones Heading For Moscow

On Sunday, Russia downed dozens of Ukrainian drones that were heading for Moscow just one day after Russia sent the largest amount of drones to Kyiv since the beginning of the war in 2022. According to Russian authorities, the country’s air defenses took down at least 24 Ukrainian drones.

These drones were downed in the Moscow region, as well as in provinces in the south and west of the country. Russian government officials said that three buildings were damaged in the Moscow region from these drone strikes. Nobody was reportedly injured from this specific strike.

In the western city of Tula, which is about 113 miles from Moscow, a drone crashed into a 12-story apartment building. This crash injured one resident, who is reportedly slightly wounded. The building is now also damaged.

No casualties have been reported from any Russian regions as a result of this drone attack.

However, airports in the Moscow region were shut down temporarily during the drone strike. By 6 a.m. local time, all operations had resumed.

The Ukrainian military has yet to comment on this reported drone attack on Moscow.

This alleged Ukrainian drone strike sent to Moscow comes only one day after Russia sent the largest amount of drones seen since the beginning of the war to Kyiv. According to Ukrainian authorities, more than 60 drones were sent to Kyiv, many of which were shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems.

However, many analysts in Ukraine believe this Russian drone attack was intended to hamper the country’s energy system. Last winter, Russia also tried to destroy the country’s energy system, which could leave many civilians without power in their homes during the cold winter months.

Now, after this latest drone strike, many Ukrainians believe that is Russia’s intent this winter, as well. As a result, more drone strikes may be seen this winter as they seek to accomplish this goal. Ukraine may also send drones to Russia, as they reportedly have done.

Since May, Russia has seen a lot of drone attacks. Officials in the country have always quickly blamed Ukraine. Many analysts have noted that these drones sent to Russia seem to be unable to carry a heavy payload when compared to the drones used by Russia.

Because of land conditions in the winter, there likely won’t be any major ground movement in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Therefore, drone attacks may be more common, according to some analysts.