RFK Jr.’s Family Criticizes His Decision To Run Independently

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expressed that his family’s reaction to his departure from the Democratic Party has been “very painful.”

Kennedy shared his sentiments during an interview on “Fox and Friends,” stating, “I mean, I, you know, I was raised in the Democratic Party. My father and my uncle were the leaders of the party. You know, our relationship with the Democratic Party goes back generations.”

On Monday, Kennedy declared his shift from being a Democrat to an independent as part of his 2024 White House bid. This decision positions him to potentially challenge both President Biden and former President Trump, the latter of whom has been consistently leading in the Republican presidential primary in recent weeks.

Four of Kennedy’s siblings, including former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (D), former Rep. Joseph Kennedy II (D-MA), Rory Kennedy and Kerry Kennedy, subsequently issued a statement expressing their concern over their brother’s decision to run against Biden as a third-party candidate, describing it as “dangerous to our country.”

Kennedy, hailing from a prominent liberal family, emphasized that the decision to depart from the Democratic Party was personally challenging.

He elaborated, “So leaving the party of my family is very, very difficult for me. But it was a choice that I didn’t feel that I had a — I didn’t feel I had a choice about.”

He continued, “And I feel I think it’s the right thing right now because we’re seeing that, ‘Oh, it’s the same corporate donors that control both of the parties.’ They have, and the parties are in paralysis. They cannot within that party system; they’re locked in this war with each other.”

Highlighting that “every family has disputes,” Kennedy contested his siblings’ assertion that he does not align with the “same values, vision of judgment” as his father, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy said, “In all of the issues that my father believed in and my uncle believed in if you went down and checked the box, I would check every box. So, I believe that I’m very much aligned with those things.”

He explained, “I’m aligned with the Democratic Party that stood for the working class, that was skeptical of the military and industrial complex, that was skeptical about corporate control of the government, that was against censorship of, violently against — fiercely, let’s say — against censorship,” he added.

Advocating for a “strategy for unity,” Kennedy contended that his experiences have revealed that Democrats and Republicans share more common ground than the issues that create divisions between the two parties.

He said, “And I think we need somebody who’s going to find those areas of agreement, the values we agree on, rather than focus on these little issues that have us at each other’s throats.”

In a recent poll for a hypothetical three-way race involving Biden, Trump and Kennedy, the results indicated that Kennedy secured 14% of the support, Biden garnered 31% of the vote and Trump received 33%.