RFK Jr. Considers Aaron Rodgers, Jesse Ventura For VP

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is in talks to choose a running mate, and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura have been confirmed as possibilities, according to the Kennedy campaign.

The candidate has reportedly been in touch with Rodgers “pretty continuously” over the last few months, who was sidelined with the New York Jets during the 2023 season of the NFL after an injury to his Achilles tendon.

Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are reportedly also on Kennedy’s short-list and have been spoken to, the campaign confirmed, although Gabbard has apparently declined.

Kennedy is the nephew of President John F. Kennedy and claims to represent an older version of the Democratic party that does not exist anymore due to the party having moved to the far left.

He has gained much notoriety over his views on the COVID vaccines, illegal immigration and the war in Ukraine, all of which diverge from the present-day Democratic party.

After unsurprisingly failing to get the needed support from the Democrat base, he switched his political identification to independent. Historically, no independent candidate has ever won the presidency — but there have been some major spoilers that upset voting patterns and contributed to unexpected wins, as in the case of Ross Perot in the 1990s.

Kennedy has gained favor from many populist-oriented voters, as well, for his unconventional views and his bucking of the Washington establishment. Although there are certainly some divergent views between Kennedy and Trump, his anti-establishment tone and image as an outsider have made him an appealing persona to voters who perceive the establishment as a political “uniparty” that do not have their interests in mind.

However, Kennedy’s anti-establishment image is not without irony, as he is a central member of one of the most famous family names in American politics. Critics may say that closeness makes him compromised, but supporters will say it gives him inside knowledge. Nevertheless, his publicly espoused views certainly run against the mainstream narratives propagated by major news media and endorsed by many career politicians.

Both Rodgers and Ventura have shared similar anti-establishment views and Ventura embraced neither the Democratic nor the Republican party as governor of Minnesota.

Although the announcement of Rodgers and Ventura as potential running mates has been met with derision and mockery from many on the left, it should be noted that they would not be the first celebrities to make a successful turn into politics.