Reporter Scolds Karine Jean-Pierre For Refusing To Call On Him

During Wednesday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was called out by a New York Post reporter for refusing to call on him for several months.

New York Post reporter Steven Nelson chastised Jean-Pierre during the press briefing, stating: “You haven’t called on me in two seasons, Karine.”

“And I’m not calling on you today,” she responded while smirking.

Jean-Pierre attempted to move on to another reporter, repeatedly telling them to “go ahead” — but Nelson wasn’t letting her snub him without a response.

“You should be ashamed of that,” Nelson continued. “That shows disrespect to a free and independent media, to blacklist one of our country’s largest and most widely read newspapers, Karine … that shows contempt for a free and independent press.”

The press secretary again refused to engage with him, ignoring his comment and continuing to tell the other reporter to “go ahead.”

“I’m calling on somebody who I haven’t called on for a long time as well. Go ahead,” Jean-Pierre added.

Clips of the confrontation were shared on social media by the Republican National Committee’s “RNCResearch” account and others.

Nelson responded to one of the videos in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“The [New York Post] is our country’s oldest daily newspaper. We have 4th-largest print circulation and only NY Times has more web traffic,” he wrote, adding that Jean-Pierre “last called on me in May, and on a colleague in July. The May exchange was also about press freedom issues.”

The last time that Jean-Pierre called on Nelson was at the end of May — when he asked a question about the White House Press Office pre-screening reporters for large indoor events with President Joe Biden, while also expressing concern about restricted press access.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Jean-Pierre insisted that there was “no restriction.”

Nelson’s most recent attempt to question the press secretary led to her walking out of the room, as he asked about the president interacting with his son’s foreign business associates.

“Can you explain why the president interacted with so many of his son’s foreign business associates!? More than half of voters told CNN they believe the president was involved and he lied! You can’t have a response to that, Karine?” the New York Post reporter asked.

In response, Jean-Pierre stormed out of the press briefing.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine shared a clip of this incident posted by RNCResearch on X, writing: “Never an answer.”