Prosecutors Highlight Evidence Of Hunter Biden’s Lies On Gun Form

New evidence unveiled by prosecutors suggests that Hunter Biden may have provided false information regarding his drug use on a federal gun purchase form back in 2018. The revelation comes as Biden prepares for his upcoming trial scheduled for June 3 in Wilmington, Delaware.

In a court filing submitted on Monday, prosecutors outlined their strategy, including the introduction of 75 pages of text messages documenting Biden’s struggles with addiction. These messages reveal candid discussions about his attempts to get sober, instances of drug use, and even images of illicit substances.

Among the messages presented to the court, one from October 14, 2018, stands out, where Biden confesses to smoking crack while situated in a car. Another message, dated October 13, 2018, indicates his search for a drug dealer behind the Blue Rocks stadium.

While the witnesses were not explicitly named in the filing, descriptions suggest the involvement of Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau Biden, and Kathleen Buhle, his ex-wife.

Former Delaware State Police Lieutenant Millard Greer is slated to testify about the recovery of Biden’s gun from a trash can by a civilian, alongside an employee from Starquest Shooters, the establishment where Biden purchased the firearm.

The crux of the prosecution’s argument rests on Biden’s alleged awareness of his drug use at the time of acquiring and possessing the firearm. According to prosecutors, Biden’s actions and statements indicate his acknowledgment of being a crack cocaine user in 2018.

“In sum, his conduct and admissions evidence his knowledge that he was a user of crack at the time he purchased the gun and while he possessed the gun before it was taken from him,” prosecutors wrote. “His conduct and admissions also evidence his knowledge that he was a crack addict in 2018 when he bought the gun and possessed it.”

In response to the charges, Biden’s legal team has moved to dismiss the case, raising concerns about constitutional issues with the indictment, purported violations of a pretrial diversion agreement, and claims of selective prosecution.

With the trial date looming, Biden’s attorneys have taken their appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, seeking to halt the proceedings and urging a review of a prior ruling denying their motion to dismiss the case.