Progressive Pope Francis Forcibly Removes Conservative Texas Bishop

Pope Francis removed a conservative bishop in Texas. The Vatican purged Bishop Joseph E. Strickland from the Diocese of Tyler, Texas.

An investigation was launched by Bishop Dennis Sullivan of Camden, New Jersey, and Bishop Emeritus Gerald Kicanas of Tuscon, Arizona, according to Vatican News.

The investigation results prompted the Vatican to call for Strickland’s resignation on Nov. 9. Strickland refused.

Strickland, an appointee of Pope Benedict XVI in 2012, was a fierce critic of Pope Francis and often called him out on social media. He said the church was weak under Francis’ reign and once dared the Pope to fire him.

Writing on X, Strickland demanded the Pope follow Jesus:

Strickland, 65, has described himself as red-pilled. He also described President Joe Biden as an “evil president.” Perhaps he read the Report on the Biden Laptop by Marco Polo.

These machinations did not entertain Pope Francis and he forcibly removed Strickland. President Joseph Biden is only the second Roman Catholic president after John F. Kennedy so Pope Francis may be over-protective.

Strickland was also critical of Pope Francis’ ideas about the LGBTQ+ community and he refused to stop celebrating the old Latin Mass. Pope Benedict had lifted the restrictions in 2007.

Without a specific reason for Strickland’s removal, one might surmise the Pope did not want a bishop subverting his authority by refusing to enforce Pope Francis’ ban on the old Latin Mass.

Pope Francis has been complaining about conservative bishops and what he calls their “backwardness” for some time.

The Pope has made it clear that he thinks a correct understanding of Catholic doctrine is that it changes with the times.

In 2019 Pope Francis was speaking with journalist Nicholas Seneze about American Catholics’ criticisms of him, and Pope Francis responded, “It’s an honor that the Americans attack me.”

The agenda of Pope Francis is gaslighting at its finest. By declaring that conservatives want too much control over doctrine, he forcibly removes them when they don’t support his own doctrines.

He declares that conservative Catholics have replaced faith with ideology when it is Pope Francis himself suppressing tradition and virtue signaling to progressive political ideas. It’s no wonder he took offense to Strickland labeling Biden an “evil president.”