Poll Shows Abortion Issue May Not Sway Florida, Arizona Voters Towards Biden

A recent CBS/YouGov survey suggests that despite majority support for abortion access among voters in Arizona and Florida, the issue may not significantly impact the presidential race in these states because other issues are more important to the electorate, potentially hindering President Joe Biden’s chances of securing victory.

In Arizona, where 66% of respondents favor abortion legality in all or most cases, former President Donald Trump leads Biden with 52% to 47%. Similarly, in Florida, where 65% support abortion, Trump holds a lead of 54% to 45% over Biden.

Meanwhile, a recent WSJ poll has shown that the majority of Americans (69%) support at least some restrictions on a woman’s “right” to terminate the life of her unborn child.

Traditionally, Democrats have weaponized he abortion issue to gain political ground, but the survey indicates that it may not be a decisive factor in the upcoming election. In Florida, abortion ranks lower in priority compared to other concerns such as the economy, inflation, crime, and the state of democracy, according to the poll.

In Florida, 89% of respondents consider the economy a major factor, followed by inflation at 84%, the state of democracy at 74%, crime at 69%, gun policy at 60%, and the US-Mexico border at 64%. Similarly, in Arizona, the economy (82%), inflation (78%), the state of democracy (70%), crime (59%) and the US-Mexico border (61%) are considered major factors by voters, overshadowing the importance of abortion.

Despite efforts by the Biden-Harris campaign to maintain a presence in Florida, including the establishment of campaign offices and visits by both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the state has shifted noticeably towards the Republican camp in recent years.

In Arizona, a similar trend is observed, with 66% of respondents supporting abortion access but ranking the issue lower in priority compared to other pressing concerns. Notably, Republican Senate hopeful Kari Lake trails behind Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego in the race for a Senate seat.

Trump’s stance on abortion has evolved, with the former president indicating a willingness to defer to states on the issue while criticizing Arizona’s abortion laws. Despite his narrow loss to Biden in Arizona in 2020, Trump remains a formidable opponent in both Arizona and Florida.

The CBS/YouGov poll, conducted between March 10–16, surveyed 1,510 adults in Arizona and 1,576 adults in Florida, with margins of error of plus or minus 3.3 and 3.1 percentage points, respectively.