Poland Demands Answers For Russian Missile Incursion

A Russian missile veered into Polish airspace last week, prompting NATO to scramble fighter jets. The missile attack was reportedly aimed at Ukraine in response to a horrific Friday massacre at a music hall in Moscow.

One America News reported that a statement from the Armed Forces Operational Command of Poland revealed a “Russian cruise missile entered Polish airspace at 4:23 a.m. local time on Sunday near Oserdow, a farming town close to the border with Ukraine, and remained there
for 39 seconds.”

According to PBS, Russia launched the missiles from the Engels district in the Saratov region of Russia. The target was reportedly Kyiv. There were no casualties or damage.

The missile traveled 1000-2000 kilometers near the Polish border with Ukraine. The governor of the Lviv region in Poland, Maksym Kozytskyi, shared that the missile did not damage critical infrastructure but did not specify what was struck.

The military command center update posted their update on X:

ISIS-K immediately claimed responsibility for the Moscow attack in which four terrorists armed with high-powered rifles, explosives and flame throwers entered a packed music hall, opened fire and set the building ablaze as they fled.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, however, linked the attack to Ukraine because the assailants fled toward the Ukraine border.

Analysts note that ISIS-K has ties to Tajikistan, not Ukraine. Accordingly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy vehemently denied responsibility for the terror attack, which left more than 135 people dead and several hundred injured.

DW News reported that Warsaw had summoned Russian embassy
diplomats and demanded an explanation and assurances there would be no future incursions.

The Associated Press reported that Moscow is holding Kyiv responsible for last Friday’s attack and, in response, has fired more than a dozen missiles at the Ukrainian capital since Friday evening.

The outlet reported that Serhii Popko, director of the Kyiv City Military Administration, said Ukrainian defense systems intercepted two ballistic missiles fired at Kyiv from occupied Crimea.

Popko added that nine people were injured in Kyiv as several missiles penetrated defense systems and struck a college gym and several homes.

In total, Ukrainian defense systems intercepted 12 Russian missiles since Friday.