Peruvian Cop Dresses As Santa To Bust Drug Dealers

While the world was getting ready to celebrate Christmas over the weekend, an officer in Peru got into the holiday spirit by dressing up as Santa Claus to take down drug dealers who made it on the naughty list this year.

The Peruvian National Police officer is a member of the urban intelligence tactical division known as the Green Squad. He went undercover as Old Saint Nick in Huacal, near the capital city of Lima to carry out the drug bust operation.

Colonel Walter Palomino, the head of the National Police Green Squadron, said that the place where the drugs were being sold was hard to get to, so the Santa disguise was used as a way to get officers closer to the scene without alerting locals to police presence.

Agents “disguised themselves as Santa Claus to go unnoticed in this dangerous neighborhood,” Palomino said.

The video, which has since been shared on social media, was uploaded on Saturday night and shows the Peruvian officer dressed as Santa while breaking down a door with a sledgehammer. His colleagues are seen climbing up a ladder to the second floor to keep the drug dealers from escaping.

Local media reported that the two suspects arrested were a 25-year-old and a 32-year-old who were selling marijuana and cocaine.

“The strategy was successful. Christmas came to the Evil Reindeer,” he said, using a seasonal nickname for the illicit gang.

Lima police chief Jorge Angulo reported that the operation was conducted to help the law-abiding residents of the city.

“The best gift we can give people is a little security,” he said.

The police department is known for dressing up to catch their suspects, using the holidays to their advantage. On Halloween, they dressed up as horror characters, managing to arrest two alleged members of a drug gang, the Balboa clan.

Last Christmas season, Lima Police dressed as Santa and his elves to do a similar operation, leading to the arrest of four suspects and the seizure of 6,000 packets of cocaine paste.

Santa Claus isn’t the only person the officer has impersonated when doing busts. He has also dressed up as a street sweeper, homeless person, and hawker.