‘Operation Safe Landing’ Launched To Evacuate Americans In Israel

In a move reflecting the urgency of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the U.S. State Department is gearing up to evacuate 32,000 people from Israel under the banner of “Operation Safe Landing.” This comprehensive evacuation initiative, which emerged after the tragic Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, aims to safeguard U.S. citizens and America’s international allies.

The primary destinations for evacuees are Athens, Greece, and Frankfort, Germany. However, sources indicate that plans remain fluid and could change. The State Department is still actively searching for 15 U.S. citizens who have tragically gone missing after the attack, which took over 1,400 lives, 29 of whom were U.S. citizens.

The Biden administration has emphasized its ongoing efforts to assist U.S. nationals seeking refuge from the volatile Gaza Strip and West Bank, regions currently under the shadow of the State Department-designated foreign terrorist group, Hamas. National security adviser Jake Sullivan and principal deputy national security adviser Jon Finer were privy to the latest briefings on evacuation strategies and humanitarian assistance efforts.

The updates also detailed collaboration between the U.S. and other significant regional players, like the United Nations, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. These entities aim to ensure that civilians in Gaza have the essentials – water, food, and medical care.

Commenting on the internal strife within the U.S., the administration addressed the issue of hate crimes. A news release stated, “Sullivan and Finer reiterated President Biden’s remarks that there is no place in America for hatred of any community.”

With a backdrop of over 3,600 lives lost across Israel and Gaza in just a week, Israel has launched a counteroffensive. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified that Israel would ensure Hamas pays a “huge price” for its actions.

This conflict has been especially harrowing for hundreds of U.S. families stranded in Israel due to the suspension of major airline routes after Hamas’s malevolent terrorist act. Many American families traveled to Israel in late September for the festival of Sukkot, an event now marred by air raid sirens and the grim reality of war.

An account by Moshe K., a New Jersey resident visiting Jerusalem, was particularly poignant. He expressed angst over the State Department’s slow response: “I’m embarrassed by how the State Department has done nothing thus far to get us home other than collecting tens of thousands of names of stranded Americans who can’t get a flight out.”

Moshe states, “While I fully understand that the State Department also has to sadly deal with killed and captured Americans, they have sufficient manpower to assign people to handle that aspect as well as the evacuation plan.”

Time is of the essence, and the American people look to their government for a swift and effective response to bring their loved ones home safely.