NYT Hypocritically Warns Trump Wants ‘Vengeance’

The far-left New York Times published a blatantly hypocritical article arguing that former President Donald Trump, who they explain is being targeted with “four criminal prosecutions,” plans to “wreak vengeance against his adversaries.”

As the New York Times opines about Trump potentially using the power of the federal government to target his political opponents, the outlet casually acknowledges that the former president is facing multiple criminal prosecutions from current Democrat political leaders across the country — including President Joe Biden, Trump’s likely opponent in the 2024 presidential election.

They claim that he is “angry” and “desperate,” while smearing him with the left’s latest favorite attack — calling him a danger to “democracy.” With these smears, the outlet asserts that Trump’s “vow” to use his power as president for “vengeance” — which Trump and his allies have repeatedly affirmed will be investigations and prosecutions of actual corruption and crime — is a “challenge to democratic values.”

“As he runs for president again facing four criminal prosecutions, Mr. Trump may seem more angry, desperate and dangerous to American-style democracy than in his first term,” the New York Times claims. “But the throughline that emerges is far more long-running: He has glorified political violence and spoken admiringly of autocrats for decades.”

“More than anything else, Mr. Trump’s vow to use the Justice Department to wreak vengeance against his adversaries is a naked challenge to democratic values,” the outlet claimed. “Building on how he tried to get prosecutors to go after his enemies while in office, it would end the post-Watergate norm of investigative independence from White House political control.”

Meanwhile, Biden is already doing all of this and more — targeting Trump, his supporters, and his allies in blatantly political prosecutions, lawsuits, and investigations that are all designed to intimidate and silence those who oppose the establishment regime.

Many on social media, including The Federalist’s Eddie Scarry, pointed out the irony in the New York Times article.

“Who will tell the Times?” Scarry wrote, sharing a screenshot of the article.

“It’s (D)ifferent when they do it,” one user responded, sarcastically referring to the double standard between how the Democrats and Republicans are treated.