NYC Neighborhood Becomes Outdoor Toilet For Homeless Migrants

An overflow of migrants to New York City has pushed the city’s resources past its limits in the East Village area this week, where homeless migrants are littering a public park and doorsteps with toilet waste they are leaving outdoors while waiting on shelter and a bed from the city.

The New York Post says the migrants waiting outside the East Village intake center “have been crappy neighbors.” Thousands of adult migrants seeking a bed in the shelter after their 30-day and 60-day limits expired have waited outside the former St. Brigid’s School on East 7th Street since November, according to the Post.

Then the New York City Parks Department stopped servicing a set of three Port-a-potties in the neighboring Tompkins Square Park. They had become so impossible to clean that the city gave up on keeping any Port-a-potties at this location according to locals.

“There was a cup of what I thought was somebody’s discarded hot chocolate that turned out to be not hot chocolate,” said street cleaner John Cashvan. “On warmer days, it can smell like a toilet over here — and not a well-kept toilet.”

Locals and volunteers have reported finding cups containing urine in the past week near the park’s entrance by the former school, plus what appeared to be human excrement in tree beds between parked cars, according to the Post.

“Most of them want to pee in plastic cups rather than the ground, and they leave them on people’s doorsteps,” said longtime East Village resident Garrett Rosso, 64, who has seen a dozen cups containing urine on the neighborhood streets.

The problem is so severe the Post reports that a migrant relieved himself on a tree Wednesday afternoon while the newspaper was there to survey the scene.

New York Mayor Eric Adams (D) said in December that the influx of 160,000 illegal aliens and border crossers has caused the “erosion of the quality of life” for New York City residents.

During a recent press conference with mayors of other large Democratic metropolitan cities, Mayor Adams warned that the surge of illegal immigrants under President Joe Biden is causing New York City to fall into chaos. The Biden administration has released about 5,000 illegal border crossers a day into the U.S. interior.