NYC Illegal Migrants Quietly Receiving Cash Payments From Taxpayers

New York City’s throngs of illegal migrants are quietly getting cash payments from state Democrats through an unpublicized policy change allowing non-citizens to qualify for welfare benefits. And the change came from the top.

Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul instituted the fresh handouts through her Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA). Its Safety Net Assistance (SNA) program was modified last year enabling migrants who applied for asylum to be eligible for more taxpayer funding.

This came through an under-the-radar memo distributed from Hochul’s office that revised the standards.

SNA, of course, is intended for needy U.S. citizens. It targets individuals and families who otherwise slip through the cracks and do not qualify for standard forms of assistance.

These include single adults, couples without children, minors who do not live with adult relatives, and families of those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

What it was not intended for were those who illegally invaded the country.

However, it is believed that up to 10% of the tens of thousands of illegal migrants in New York are set to receive — or already have — these supplemental cash benefits. The Post reported the actual numbers were not released.

The total of the New York City influx is estimated at 173,000 since the spring of 2022. That means the number of cash recipients under the change could reach over 17,000 just in the Big Apple.

Those who receive these state payments get regular monthly checks of hundreds of dollars. They are required to use the funds only for rent and utility expenses along with clothing and other basic necessities.

However, it is just another in the growing list of inducements for illegal migrants to settle in New York. This despite Democratic Mayor Eric Adams proclaiming the city is “full” and that the tens of thousands of newcomers will “destroy” his metropolis.

Adams recently announced a $53 million pilot program that will give prepaid debit cards to migrant families. This followed reports that food provided to asylum seekers was being discarded instead of consumed.

Staten Island Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis blasted city and state leaders for making the illegal migrant crisis worse.

She noted that people are descending on the city from all over the world “to take advantage of all these left-wing programs the governor, the mayor are implementing, while at the same time, they’re clobbering taxpayers over the head.”