NHL Takes Stand Against LGBT Push, Bans Rainbow-Colored Jerseys

The National Hockey League (NHL) has finally taken a stand against LGBT propagandist groups, banning all LGBT-themed jerseys that had been a part of the sport’s Pride Night initiative. NHL has become one of very few sports organizations to stick it to the LGBT community.

Such news hasn’t surprised many, considering that in February 2023, the NHL said it’s important to respect every individual’s opinion, including those who wish not to celebrate or take part in LGBT-related festivities.

“You know what our goals, our values and our intentions are across the league, whether it’s at the league level or at the club level,” Bettman said at the time. “But we also have to respect some individual choice, and some people are more comfortable embracing themselves in causes than others. And part of being diverse and welcoming is understanding those differences.”

In June 2023, the NHL announced it would be banning LGBT-themed jerseys after several players decided not to wear the rainbow-colored sweaters.

As of October 2023, the NHL has doubled down after informing franchises that using anything LGBT-related would be prohibited, including rainbow stick tape, otherwise referred to as Pride Tape, according to the Daily Caller.

Deputy NHL Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed the development to the Associated Press. Daly told the outlet that a memorandum was sent to all 32 NHL teams regarding the rules they must abide by on Pride Night games.

Of course, the ever-so-inclusive liberals have unleashed a series of complaints regarding the NHL’s decision.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, a user named Cody Sweet, wrote, “The NHL clarified today that there is a league-wide ban on Pride Tape by any player in games, warm-ups, or practices. It’s 2023 and there’s now a new ‘Don’t Say Gay’ set of rules issued by a major international sports league. I literally cannot.”

The NHL is putting the majority over the minority by banning LGBT-themed equipment. To date, just 7% of the U.S. population identifies as part of the LGBT community, according to Gallup.

Americans are tired of the constant politicization surrounding their day-to-day lives. Sports are supposed to be a way of bringing together people of all different backgrounds.