New York Authorities Seize Unlicensed Firearm From Anti-Trump Activist

Law enforcement in New York recently seized an unlicensed firearm belonging to activist E. Jean Carroll, who, notably, won a defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump.

In January 2024, the National Pulse reported that Carroll revealed possessing a firearm at her home during her defamation trial against the former president. Following the revelation, police in Warwick, New York, visited the leftist activist’s home on Feb. 15, 2024, to address the unregistered weapon.

Caroll had informed the federal court in lower Manhattan, New York, that the firearm was kept a “high standard revolver, nine chambers,” as well as ammunition at her residence. She admitted to not possessing a license for the firearm.

After discussing the situation, reporting officer John Rader offered to obtain Carroll’s firearm and bring it to the police station. A day after admitting her unlawful possession of the weapon, the activist and a member of her team provided the firearm to authorities.

New York law states that possessing an unregistered firearm could lead to a criminal possession charge bearing a maximum prison sentence of four years.

During the trial, following a controversial discussion over Carroll’s gun ownership, the jury ordered Trump to pay the activist more than $80 million for defamation.

The former president had been held liable for defaming the liberal activist during his presidential tenure but has maintained his innocence in the manner and filed an appeal against the jury’s ruling upon securing a $91.6 million bond.

During the trial, as Trump’s lawyers sought to bring the discussion of Carroll’s unlawful gun ownership, Judge Lewis Kaplan warned the attorneys from bringing such questions.

In one such instance, Trump lawyer Alina Habba asked Carroll if she had a weapon and if she was aware that possessing a firearm without a license was a crime.

“You have a gun,” Habba said. “Do you have a license?” In response, Carroll said she did not.

“Are you aware that you have to have a license —” Habba continued before being interrupted by the judge.

“Don’t even start,” Kaplan interjected.

“Do you have bullets for the gun?” Habba asked. “You live in this state?” Caroll answered in the affirmative to both questions.