New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy Declares Senate Run

New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy announced on Wednesday her intent to run for the Senate seat currently held by the embattled Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

Murphy’s stated platform is a laundry list of leftist rhetoric. Her online video said she would continue to fight for causes she championed as Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) wife, such as coercing state teachers to include climate change indoctrination in the school curriculum.

In a statement, she said she will fight to lower the cost of living, support ending the lives of unborn children, fight against gun rights, and “defend our democracy.”

Murphy would become the first woman elected to the upper chamber from New Jersey.

The 58-year-old is a fixture by her husband’s side in his political duties. She previously worked for Goldman Sachs after graduating from the University of Virginia.

The seat she seeks is held by the indicted Menendez. He faces felony charges of acting as a foreign agent and receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to act on behalf of the Egyptian government though his congressional authority.

The Democrat was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury in October.

Murphy already faces competition as Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ) announced his candidacy to challenge Menendez in September.

New Jersey Democrats have a stranglehold on power in the state as it marches toward the 2024 election. The 2023 midterms saw the party increase their majority by five seats in the state Assembly, strengthening their grip on the system even more.

Murphy hit the campaign trail at her husband’s side for several state Democrats in the most recent cycle. Political observers believe this effort could be used to springboard the First Lady into a strong Senate run.

Phil Murphy is one of the most far-left governors in the nation. He carved out a name in this Democratic stronghold by, among other things, being a staunch opponent of Second Amendment rights.

He was reelected in 2021 but now faces a term limit. Many believe, like his wife, he has eyes on Washington.

Interestingly, Tammy Murphy is a former Republican who only switched parties in the mid-2010s.