New Border Crackdown Achieves Impressive Results In Germany

While critics of the Biden administration lament the lax immigration policies that have exacerbated the U.S. border crisis in recent years, European nations have been facing even more severe ramifications for much longer.

Countries across the European Union have opened up their borders to huge numbers of migrants, which has been linked not only to a spike in crime but also the increasing loss of their respective national identities.

A growing number of officials in some of these European states are beginning to rethink their policies, however — including Germany, which has seen a sharp decline in illegal immigration since cracking down on the problem in recent weeks.

According to reports, even some of the far-left politicians within Germany’s coalition government agreed to implement stricter immigration policies, albeit reluctantly and cloaked in a stated concern not for German citizens but the safety of the so-called refugees flooding across the border.

Nevertheless, the strategy has already begun to show signs of success. Just last month, an estimated 700 migrants illegally crossed the German border on a typical day. As of the most recent estimates available, that daily number has dropped by more than half to roughly 300.

The border crackdown had initially been intended to last for just 10 days, but it has since been extended twice, each time for an additional 20 days.

As part of the new policy, authorities were stationed along Germany’s borders with Austria, Czechia, Poland, and Switzerland and tasked with preventing any “illegal entrant” from crossing the border or opting to “end that person’s residence” in the nation, according to local reports.

The number of migrants turned away at the border has sharply increased as a result of the new security measures. Along the Germany-Poland border alone, 772 individuals were turned away during the first 30 days of the new policy — compared to just four during the previous 30-day period.

One right-wing German lawmaker touted the success of the initiative as greater than its proponents predicted.

“With the notified border controls, even our expectations are significantly exceeded,” Armin Schuster said, adding that “the massive search successes by the federal police clearly demonstrate how indispensable border controls currently are.”