Netanyahu References Deuteronomy, Psalms To Rally IDF Troops

Even as anti-Israel rallies continue to break out around the world and Jews are being increasingly targeted by pro-Palestine activists, the White House is preoccupied with the alleged rise in “Islamophobia.”

Meanwhile, Israel’s supposed allies within the Biden administration are calling on the nation to pause its military response to the Hamas terrorists who launched a deadly attack less than a month ago.

For his part, however, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains steadfast in his call for swift and severe action against his nation’s bloodthirsty enemies.

“We won’t stop until victory,” he recently declared, defining that goal as the destruction of Hamas and the “return of hostages and the restoration of security for our citizens and children.”

In a public statement this week, Netanyahu rallied Israeli citizens by invoking a historical account that parallels the nation’s current conflict while appealing to its deep religious foundation.

Referencing the narrative found in Deuteronomy about a nation that attacked vulnerable Jews before God coordinated its eradication, the prime minister reiterated the passage’s instruction: “Remember what Amalek did to you.”

Netanyahu went on to reference the many enemies Israel has faced and defeated throughout its history, describing the war against Hamas as “another chapter in the story of national struggle for generations.”

He called on the Israeli people to stand firm against the terrorist group that kidnapped and killed civilians on Oct. 7, asserting: “In their name and on their behalf we embarked on a campaign, the purpose of which is the destruction of the cruel and murderous enemy Hamas-ISIS, the return of our abductees and the return of security to our country, our citizens and our children.”

After celebrating the “courage” and “devotion” of Israeli Defense Forces troops who have valiantly fought Hamas terrorists wherever they were found, he quoted another Old Testament passage meant to encourage those who will keep up the fight for as long as it takes to defeat the enemy.

“In all my meetings with you in the last few weeks, I was deeply impressed by the depth of your spirit — by the spirit of victory, as it is said in the Bible: ‘For You have girded me with strength for the battle; You have subdued under me those that rose up against me.’”