Most Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck Under Biden

Considering President Joe Biden’s devasting economic policies, a recent study found that most Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

The left has tried to portray the president’s tenure as successful, using terms such as “Bidenomics” to reference a thriving U.S. economy. For most Americans, life under Biden has been a financial nightmare.

A recent study by LendingClub found that only 14% of U.S. voters believe the economy under Biden has served them well, while 85% believe it has either harmed them or has made no difference.

The report showed that as of December 2023, 62% of Americans said they were living paycheck to paycheck, marking a four-point increase from March 2023. Over 57% of U.S. voters who own credit cards indicated that they’re struggling to make ends meet under Biden.

CNBC reported that inflation’s effect on Americans, with Christmas around the corner, has increased by 3-4%, compared to 2022. The outlet noted that as credit card debt reaches $1 trillion, most consumers, 96%, said they expect to overspend this holiday season.

In what conservatives have referred to as “Bidenflation,” many Americans indicated they would rack up more debt to cover holiday expenses. Just 23% said they’d be able to pay off such debt in one or two months.

As Americans ready themselves to celebrate Christmas, polls show that most believe former President Donald Trump’s economic policies were far better for them than Biden’s.

A Wall Street Journal poll recently found that nearly 50% of consumers believe the former president’s policies helped them financially, while only 23% said the same for Biden.

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod recently worried over Biden’s low job approval rating and criticized the left for installing a “Bidenomics” sign next to the president amid concerns from Americans that the president’s economic policies have made their lives harder.

“You know, job approval down, ratings generally down, most of the comparatives with Trump … not good,” Axelrod said during a recent appearance on the podcast “Hacks on Tap.”

“You know what I worry about … from a Biden standpoint is there are the kinds of things you get when people are starting to rationalize their votes — ‘Oh look, they’re ready to fire Biden, that’s a problem,” the former Obama adviser continued. “And they just put out another photo op with the Bidenomics sign next to him … It’s just unbelievable to me.”