More Americans Trust Trump Over Biden To Lead US

As the 2024 presidential election nears, recent polls have shown that more Americans trust former President Donald Trump to lead the U.S. instead of President Joe Biden, specifically concerning crucial issues such as immigration.

An ABC News/Ipsos survey revealed that more Americans trust the former president over Biden to make executive decisions.

In the poll, 36% of respondents indicated they would trust Trump in the White House compared to 33% who said the same for Biden.

When asked how they felt about how Biden has done on crucial issues compared to how they felt about Trump’s performance, the former president polled higher than Biden on all issues except abortion and climate change.

Trump received a 49% favorable rating on the economy, while Biden just obtained 37%. Concerning inflation, 45% of Americans approved of Trump and only 31% for Biden. On the issue of crime, which is currently devastating America, the former president garnered a 45% favorable rating, compared to Biden’s 29%.

The poll also asked Americans about their thoughts on Biden’s recent State of the Union address. Nearly 30% said the president did better than expected and 35% said they did not watch the speech.

Biden heavily lost support for his stance on the Israel-Hamas war in the survey, with just 30% of respondents approving of the job that the president has done, marking a stark decrease from 41% in October 2023.

The Post Millennial pointed out that since the beginning of 2024, Trump has outperformed Biden in 10 of 12 polls.

A Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll that was recently released showed that the former president would defeat Biden in seven swing states. The survey indicated that Trump would trounce Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Concerns over the president’s old age were included in the poll.

Concerns over Biden’s age have been repeatedly voiced during the president’s tenure. Biden has had many gaffes and has tripped going up the stairs of Air Force One several times.

The president rambled through his State of the Union address and mispronounced the first name of a now-deceased 22-year-old nursing student killed by a Venezuelan illegal immigrant, Laken Riley.