Mexican Government Reportedly Helping Illegals Cross The US Border

The flooding of illegal immigrants entering the southern border has taken its toll on Border Patrol during the last few weeks, breaking all types of records. In a stunning revelation, a few illegal immigrants spoke with the Daily Mail and stated that the Mexican government has been responsible for the thousands crossing the border.

One Venezuelan couple reported that they were stopped by authorities a few miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. To their surprise, instead of not being deported back to Venezuela, they were brought back to the Mexico-Guatemala border and released after spending a only week in jail.

“I feel like the Mexicans do it so they can tell the U.S. that they’re doing something to stop migrants,” the couple said, adding, “Why wouldn’t they just deport us from Mexico if they’re really serious about stopping us from reaching the U.S.?”

They also said that some of the other people at the facility had been detained for months and that the jail’s entire population was released at the same time, and proceeded to the U.S.-Mexico border. The couple’s account does explain why Border Patrol has seen record numbers of illegal immigrants storming the border.

One immigrant, who is currently waiting in Casa del Migrante, a shelter Mexican shelter run by nuns, told the outlet that the Mexican government was helping them get to the border.

“It’s all a hoax. (Mexican officials) try to make it seem like they’re helping to stop migrants, but they are the ones telling us how to get there,” they said.

Another Venezuelan immigrant said that to the Mexican government, it’s all about money.

“It was a shakedown, they want money,” the Venezuelan man said.

“They would ask us for 10,000 pesos a person. If you had the money, they would let you continue traveling through Mexico. If you didn’t, they would send you back to the Mexico-Guatemala border. They only care about money, not about immigration.”

According to the U.S. Border Patrol, 9,957 migrants entered Eagle Pass, TX in just 82 hours, overwhelming the small town with only 28,000 residents.

After hearing from the illegal immigrants themselves about the Mexican government assisting them in crossing into the U.S., many are interested to see how the Biden administration will respond.