Media Criticized For Downplaying Biden’s Cognitive Issues

The mainstream media is under fire for its handling of President Joe Biden’s cognitive health, with critics arguing that the media’s failure to address the issue has led to a loss of credibility. This comes in the wake of Biden’s poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump, which brought his cognitive abilities into sharp focus.

NewsBusters editor Tim Graham noted that the media ignored warnings from within the Democratic Party about Biden’s mental decline. Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips’s concerns were dismissed, and the media continued to promote a positive image of Biden, praising him for his leadership and downplaying any potential issues.

This approach has backfired, leaving the media’s reliability in question. With critical issues like unemployment, inflation, and international relations at stake, the media’s reluctance to report on Biden’s health is seen as a significant oversight. The failure to address these concerns head-on has led to a broader mistrust in media reporting.

Publications like The Atlantic, CNN, and Scientific American focused their efforts on critiquing Trump rather than addressing Biden’s apparent cognitive decline. The Atlantic’s coverage speculated on Trump’s chances of winning while ignoring Biden’s health. Similarly, CNN and Scientific American discussed Trump’s mental fitness without mentioning Biden’s.

The New York Times eventually broke the silence, urging the Democratic Party to acknowledge Biden’s issues and consider alternative candidates. They emphasized the importance of dealing truthfully with the American public, a stance that came only after Biden’s debate performance left no room for doubt about his cognitive state.

This situation has left the media facing a credibility crisis. Their decision to overlook Biden’s cognitive decline has undermined public trust, calling into question the accuracy and integrity of their reporting on other issues. The media’s handling of this story is a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and honesty in journalism.