McCaskill: Harris Or Newsom Should Lead Dems After Biden’s Debate Fumbles

Following President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance, Claire McCaskill, an MSNBC contributor, has suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris or California Gov. Gavin Newsom should be considered as the Democratic Party’s leading candidate. McCaskill believes Biden’s performance was so poor that it might necessitate a change at the top of the ticket.

McCaskill emphasized that Biden’s main goal was to assure Americans of his competency despite his age. However, she concluded that he failed to do so, leading to a flurry of concern among Democratic leaders, donors, and campaign operatives. Biden’s repeated stumbles and misstatements during the debate highlighted his vulnerability and triggered discussions about his viability as the party’s nominee.

Biden inaccurately claimed to be the first president in a decade without American casualties overseas, ignoring the 13 service members killed during the 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal. This, along with his struggles to articulate his stance on national debt and taxes, where he frequently paused and appeared confused, deepened doubts about his readiness.

The debate’s aftermath saw significant reactions from Democrats. Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggested the party should consider a different nominee. Nicholas Kristof, a New York Times columnist, echoed this sentiment, urging Biden to step aside and allow the convention to decide on a new candidate.

Reports from Politico indicated widespread “confusion and concern” among Democrats, with some party activists like Jay Surdukowski declaring Biden’s campaign effectively over. Calls for an open convention have become more prominent, reflecting the urgent need for a stronger candidate.

Despite some media attempts to downplay Biden’s performance by suggesting he had a cold, the debate has already caused considerable damage. With the Democratic National Convention approaching, the party is under pressure to reassess its options.

McCaskill highlighted Harris and Newsom as potential leaders who could inject new energy into the campaign. She suggested Biden’s advisors need a candid discussion about his ability to project strength and confidence. McCaskill’s comments underscore a growing sentiment within the Democratic Party that a change might be necessary to secure a win in the upcoming election.