Mayorkas Stunningly Claims US Needs ‘More Migrants’

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas delivered a shocking statement to the New York Times that would qualify as a punch line if he were not deadly serious. The embattled Biden cabinet member claimed the U.S. needed more illegal migrants.

Is it any wonder that the staggeringly incompetent secretary faces becoming the first person in his position to be impeached in 150 years?

Mayorkas told the outlet that U.S. businesses need more labor to fill positions. In his mind, this means that the invasion should be welcomed and pathways provided for legal work and residency.

He said there should be a lawful and safe way for the masses to pour across the border that cuts out “exploitative smugglers.”

Once they are on American soil, the illegals “can send remittances home. They can return home when their work is done. Isn’t that an element of a workable migration system?”

To state the obvious, there will be no returning home when their labors are “done.” Instead, millions more will continue to swarm across the border from all corners of the globe, and their ranks will largely be filled by military-aged unvetted males.

Mayorkas conveniently ignored the inherent danger presented to hard-working Americans. Many will face losing their jobs to those willing to work for less, and wages will be driven down.

A housing market that is already under extreme pressure will buckle under the strain of millions of new illegal migrants. This means the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for their upkeep.

In an administration loaded with incompetence and bad actors who do not uphold American values, Mayorkas stands alone.

Cities are buckling under the strain of wide open borders, and he incredibly endorsed allowing millions more to have free access to limited U.S. resources. At least there is finally a day of reckoning looming for Mayorkas.

The House Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday approved two articles of impeachment. This means a floor vote as soon as this week.

The articles allege the DHS secretary “repeatedly violated laws enacted by Congress regarding immigration and border security” and issued “false statements to Congress.”

These came when Mayorkas laughably claimed the border was closed and “secure.” He further asserted that DHS had operational control of the southern border, an incredible statement considering the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants pouring across every month.

And now he wants more. Impeachment cannot come soon enough.