Mayor Adams: NYC Has No More Room For Illegal Migrants

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams sounded the alarm again recently when asked about the deluge of illegal migrants flooding the city. He flatly declared that if the waves of arrivals do not stop, newcomers face sleeping on the sidewalks.

The nation’s largest city, in Adams’ own words, is now “out of room.” It would be interesting to get his feelings on the dire situation faced by Texas, which has taken in millions and not merely tens of thousands of illegals.

Adams told a Fox News special, “The Sanctuary Trap,” that “our hearts are endless but our resources are not.”

The Democrat fulfilled his obligation to refer to the Big Apple as a city of immigrants. But then he noted that “we can’t take the global problem and [have] it become our problem. That is unfair to New Yorkers, and is unfair to migrants.”

Adams said declaring the city is “out of room” is not merely a soundbite. “People are going to be eventually sleeping on the streets.”

The embattled mayor, who proclaimed in September that the crisis “will destroy New York City,” then set his sights on the controversial right-to-shelter law enacted by leadership in the 1980s.

This charged Big Apple officials with the legal duty to house everyone in need.

Adams said the statute guaranteeing housing was never intended for the millions of migrants illegally crossing into the U.S.

What the Democrat conveniently ignored is his party’s own hand in creating the current crisis. New York City’s celebrated “sanctuary” status means he is blocked from handing repeat offender migrants over to federal authorities.

When recently asked what it would take for the city to “close the front door” to illegal migrants, Adams’ answer was telling.

He said he lacked the authority to implement such a move and is restricted from turning even criminal migrants over to ICE.

Adams lamented, “The law states we cannot notify ICE. I cannot break the law and enforce the law. I can’t deport. I can’t stop people from coming in, repeating criminal behavior. I can’t report to ICE for deportation. So there are certain things I can’t do.”

But as mayor, he is well within his rights to push for obviously needed changes in the system. Rolling back the ridiculous “sanctuary” status would be a noteworthy improvement.