Liz Cheney: Republican Victories In 2024 Would Threaten US

Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), a fierce Never Trumper, recently appeared on the leftist network CBS, where she claimed that if Republicans take control of Congress in the 2024 election, the U.S. will be under a grave threat.

Cheney was asked whether being a conservative in the modern world means having to support former President Donald Trump, whose tenure as president marked a successful four years for the U.S.

“You once used to say that nobody could challenge your conservative credentials. What if being a conservative today is defined by one thing: your support for Donald Trump?” CBS anchor John Dickerson asked the former Wyoming congresswoman.

“Well, I know what conservative means, and I think that the most conservative of all conservative values is fidelity to the Constitution. So there certainly are people today who are caught in this cult of personality, but that’s the opposite of conservative,” Cheney replied.

Dickerson then asked Cheney whether a member of Congress who has taken the oath to support and defend the Constitution could support Trump.

“No, that is inconsistent,” Cheney responded. “In my view, fundamentally, there is a choice, You can’t be for Donald Trump and for the Constitution. You have to choose.”

Dickerson proceeded to ask Cheney what would happen if House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) remained speaker of the House on Jan. 6, 2025 — the day Congress will confirm the electoral results of the 2024 presidential election.

“He can’t be. We are facing a situation with respect to the 2024 election where it’s an existential crisis, and we have to ensure that we don’t have a situation where an election that might be thrown into the House of Representatives is overseen by a Republican majority,” Cheney replied.

Dickerson asked Cheney if she would prefer Democrats to be in the majority by January 2025, to which the former Wyoming lawmaker responded that although she believes in the principles of the Republican Party, if the GOP controls Congress in 2025, then the U.S. will be under “threat.”

During her time in Congress, Cheney consistently attacked Trump and served on the Democratic-led Jan. 6 Committee, which repeatedly lied to the American people about the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol protests. Cheney was ousted from the House in August 2022 after losing her reelection bid to a Trump-backed candidate.