Left Unjustly Insists Clarence Thomas Recuse Himself

Left-wing elites consistently seek to play by a different set of rules than the rest of America. This is evident as they continue their shrill push for conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from former President Donald Trump’s immunity case.

The high court is set to hear arguments on the far-reaching issue next week.

Trump rightly insists he is immune from prosecution for acts undertaken in his capacity as president. The assertion is a key part of his defense against Democratic persecution over his role in the Jan. 6 demonstration.

Liberals in media and politics continue to scream that Thomas needs to step aside due to his wife Ginni’s activism. But does a spouse’s viewpoints raise a conflict of interest?

Apparently not when those opinions are on the extreme side of left-wing ideology.

Ginni Thomas expressed the same concerns as millions of Americans after the contentious 2020 presidential election. This is no different than Democrats who regularly question the process when their chosen candidate is defeated.

But that argument is brushed off by the establishment media, which is intent on painting the Thomas couple with an evil brush. They asserted without merit that Mrs. Thomas violated ethical standards and attempted to smear the justice with the same accusation.

But they blatantly ignore the obvious fact that many judges are wed to spouses who are employed in Washington and advocate for various causes.

The list of examples is too long to even scratch the surface, but take the trials of the 45th president as a shining example.

Not only have the judges themselves made many statements that clearly demonstrated their prejudice in the cases, but some have family members who are also vehemently anti-Trump.

The left would never stand for a MAGA supporter to sit in judgment of the former president, but it has no issue with his opponents deciding his fate.

Recusal only becomes necessary if a judge’s family may profit financially from a ruling or if an impartial observer could reasonably ascertain bias. While there are clear examples in the Trump trials, the same cannot be said for the Thomas family.

It’s just another example of the weaponization of the government and its compliant media partners against conservatives.