Kristi Noem: ‘It’s Time To Unify Behind President Trump’

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has seen enough of the Republican in-fighting that has been the sign of the primary season so far. She is calling on the GOP to rally behind President Donald Trump and get the party’s focus squarely on defeating Joe Biden and the Democrats. The call comes a month before the pivotal Iowa caucuses.

Pointing out the strength the Trump campaign has shown in the face of a large field of primary opponents, Noem said, “We were told that as the Republican primary field shrinks, the polls would narrow.” She noted that nevertheless, the margin for President Trump has only grown, now exceeding 50% — a significant rise from 43% as recently as October.

“It’s time to unite behind President Trump and focus all our efforts and resources on defeating Joe Biden,” she emphasized, pointing to the overwhelming likelihood that Trump is set to become the nominee.

The narrowing field of GOP candidates, with recent exits by former Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, has not done anything to help the remaining contenders put a dent in Trump’s lead. The shrinking of the field has only solidified his standing as the clear frontrunner for voters.

The prospect of Noem being Trump’s running mate next fall has been a matter of party speculation. When asked about the possibility in an interview earlier this year, she responded enthusiastically, “Oh, absolutely. I would in a heartbeat.”

In September, Noem formally endorsed President Trump when she declared he is “the fighter that our country needs.” She then added, “I will do everything I can to help him win and save this country.”

As the primary season rapidly approaches, the focus now turns to how calls for consolidation of support will shape the GOP approach to the general election. The call from Noem and others to unite behind Trump is a strategic move to strengthen the party’s position against the Democrats when Joe Biden is becoming more politically vulnerable with each passing day.