Kamala Harris’ Unpopularity Is A Threat To Biden 2024 Campaign

California Republicans tried to warn voters about Kamala Harris ahead of the 2020 presidential election, but the rampant hatred of former President Donald Trump drowned out dissenting voices about President Joe Biden’s pick for vice president. After three years of serving in the role, Harris continues to find herself facing questions about her competency and boasts an approval rating in the mid-30s.

Harris served as the Attorney General for the state of California prior to being elected as a state senator, a job she held for just one year. Her track record as DA and AG is often described as “dark and disturbing” by political observers, but the general public seemed to take little notice. It is undisputed that Harris was selected for the Biden ticket because of her mixed-race heritage and her gender, not her accomplishments as the so-called “top cop” in the Golden State.

One of the major problems with virtue-signaling political appointments is that they are rarely the best person for the job. Harris was selected because she is viewed as an example of the “new” Democrat to counter the public perception of Biden as an old-school Progressive, a belief system that has fallen out of favor and is often at odds with the current trajectory of the party.

As the state DA and then the AG, Harris oversaw a prosecutorial division that was frequently lambasted by courts and the media for failing to follow the letter of the law. In one instance, a lab technician was found to be stealing drugs and falsifying reports which led to around 600 cases being thrown out. Harris was “unaware” of what was happening in her own department, or even of the known fact that the individual had a domestic violence conviction that was not disclosed.

After the lead investigator into a wildfire in California was found to have repeatedly lied about the cause of a fire in order to direct blame at private landowners rather than acknowledge Cal Fire’s responsibility, it was discovered that the agency had skimmed $3.6 million in state funds to a slush fund directly counter to the law in California. Harris claimed that it was not her job to prosecute the theft and the criminals walked free.

Harris has steadily moved left on the death penalty, but even as AG, she frequently refused to seek the penalty. In one case, a known gang member shot and killed a police officer, a crime that carried the death sentence. Harris refused to seek that punishment, instead allowing the gang member to languish in prison where he could educate more gang members and further the lifestyle. Even former Sen. Diane Feinstein called out the move.

Harris also refused to investigate allegations of police misconduct, including excessive use of force and numerous shootings of unarmed Black men that happened in the state. According to her office, they did not have the power to prosecute police.

As vice president, Harris has been tasked with several important jobs. Most notably, she is the primary person in her branch of government responsible for immigration reform. Since taking office in 2020, the Democrats have reinforced an open border policy while regularly handcuffing border patrol agents. As a result, more than 2 million illegal immigrants have entered the country under her watch. The effects of this mass illegal migration are being felt on the streets of Chicago and New York City as violent crimes increase.

Biden has committed to carrying Harris along for the ride into the 2024 election despite her ineffectiveness and unpopularity with Democrats and Republicans alike. Many from within her own party, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi, have signaled that they believe the Biden ticket would be stronger with a more qualified candidate, even if that person didn’t check the liberal demands of putting race, gender, and sexuality ahead of political performance.