Journalist Describes Arrest Over Jan. 6 Reporting As ‘Intentional Humiliation’

It is a sad day for the Republic when journalists are arrested and jailed for doing their job. Last Friday, investigative journalist and Blaze Media correspondent Steve Baker found himself in that shocking situation, and it was all over reporting at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Baker told Glenn Beck after he was temporarily released that he thought he was mentally prepared for the ordeal. But even misdemeanor defendants involved in the Jan. 6 demonstration have been dragged before the judge in leg chains and bright jumpsuits.

Not something students in journalism school are generally prepared for.

The reporter told Beck that, despite being classified as a “nonviolent misdemeanor defendant,” he was placed in a cell with a meth dealer.

And when he went before the judge chained and suited, he was joined by a defendant charged with a felony. That party, however, was not subjected to such treatment.

It is clear to Baker and most reasonable observers that the intent of the Biden administration is to make even the most innocent passerby endure extreme punishment.

So, what is Baker charged with? An estimated 60 journalists went into the Capitol along with the protesters on Jan. 6. But only a handful were charged by federal prosecutors, and each was a member of the conservative media.

Baker’s attorney, James Lee Bright, told The Blaze that the government failing to disclose the charges he would face was “really unusual.” He added that the FBI targeting “legitimate functioning journalists” would render a “chilling” effect.

The reporter said he was present at the Capitol as an independent journalist. Baker said he did not enter the building until lawmakers had been evacuated, and he expected to be contacted by the FBI.

Blaze Media editor-in-chief Matthew Peterson decried the government’s treatment of Baker. The charges loomed for years, “but after we started working with him the government sprang back into action.”

Peterson said prosecutors forcing him into a jumpsuit and handcuffs served “as a humiliation or a show, which seems to be exactly what they are planning on doing.”