Johnson Accuses Abbott Of ‘Attacking Leaders Of Color’

Chicago’s Mayor Brandon Jonson recently accused Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) of “attacking” cities led by Black leaders by overwhelming them with waves of migrants. Republicans have justifiably argued that it was a necessary action they had to take to make the rest of the country understand what border states are dealing with every day.

Bussing immigrants from southern border states to Democratic strongholds like Chicago and New York has given them a taste of their own medicine, with leaders and governments becoming overwhelmed with a situation they created and failed to address.

Al Sharpton recently interviewed Johnson about the growing migrant crisis, noting it “puts a tremendous burden on Johnson and other Democratic mayors, I might add, many Black mayors have been the focal of this. In fact, on Thursday, Mayor Eric Adams filed a $700 million lawsuit against 17 charter bus companies who transported migrants from Texas.”

Sharpton responded by asking Johnson his thoughts about the case, and if he would ever consider taking such action himself before expressing their mutual agreement about Abbott’s intentions. Johnson replied that he is “attacking democratically-run cities” particularly those that are run by Black leaders or other “leaders-of-color,” and that it was “unconscionable” and “evil-spirited.”

The public was fast to respond, with many criticizing Johnson’s leadership and other Democrats who voted for these open border and sanctuary city policies. “Please include me as one of the attackers. Undisputed fact: Black Mayors in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York are horrible,” Fox commentator Leo Terell commented.

PragerU’s CJ Pearson wrote, “Every city wants to be a ‘sanctuary city’ until it’s actually time to provide sanctuary.” President of the Crime Prevention Research Center John R. Lott also expressed his disapproval of Johnson’s statement by questioning Biden’s handling of the border crisis.

He asked “If Abbott busing some illegal aliens to Chicago & NYC. Is ‘attacking’ those cities, what do you call the much larger massive flood of illegals that Biden is letting into Texas?”

As the debate over the border crisis heats up, the push and pull between political leaders and public opinion intensifies. Criticisms and legal actions against the surge of migrants into Democratic strongholds add fuel to the fire, underlining the effectiveness and consequences of the Biden administration’s harmful policies.