Joe Rogan Criticizes Leftist Media For Deceptive ‘Bloodbath’ Coverage

Comedian and influential podcast host Joe Rogan was heard on his show on Tuesday openly criticizing the leftist media machine’s deceitful reporting on Donald Trump’s recent ‘bloodbath’ comments.

The social influencer made his remarks on episode #2121 with guest Jonathan Haidt, an author and psychologist, who remained firmly convinced that Trump must have been using some kind of coded language despite strong contextual evidence to the contrary and nothing but personal bias to back up his claim.

Speaking on the media circus, Rogan said, “It’s important to highlight how not just inaccurate but deceptive the media was in their depiction of what he said. They are taking this quote out of context and trying to say that there is going to be a civil war if he doesn’t get elected, which is not what he’s talking about at all.”

He then continued, “It’s so disturbing that they think they can get away with it, with all of the scrutiny with social media and all the independent journalists that exist now, which is one of the more interesting things about the demise of corporate media.”

Donald Trump had recently made remarks at a rally in which he said that there would be a “bloodbath” if Biden is elected. Immediately prior, he was talking about losing thousands of auto-industry jobs under Democratic leadership and explaining how devastating it would be to the economy. Nevertheless, the leftist media launched a narrative that Trump was saying there would be actual violence and civil war if he loses the election, completely detaching his words from their context.

The Trump campaign denied the allegation and said he was talking about auto-industry jobs, which video of his comments clearly shows. But the delusional hatred for Trump is so strong that many of his haters will not even accept the strong video evidence that vindicates him, as a recent article by senior writer Amanda Marcotte on far-left Salon shows.

“As soon as the press started to cover Trump’s threat of a ‘bloodbath,’ Trump and his minions got to work gaslighting everyone, denying we heard what we heard,” Marcotte writes. She then goes on to label Trump a “fascist” and describe him as someone wantonly stoking the flames of violence. Nevermind how it was Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have routinely committed arson, vandalism, looting and other acts of violence over the past decade.

Indeed, the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is strong.